Caregiver burnout is becoming more and more real for many families across America.
As the baby boomer generation has aged, medicine and technology have become so advanced that many people are living well into their 90’s. Before, elderly people died earlier so care giving was required for only a few years; many families could handle that. If you are a caregiver today, it is important to acknowledge caregiver stress and know how to deal with it.
There are 5 factors that determine stress of elder care:

  1. The Health Of The Senior
    It is few seniors who spend their final days in good health; many suffer from more than one illnesses. Caregiver stress comes from how ill they are. If they are too ill to get out of bed, toilet themselves and do some basic grooming, you have to do all that and you also have to be around full time; this can be very stressful.
  2. The Available Finances For Care
    With the financial losses that happened in the last economic meltdown, many families are now struggling to cope with the bills that go into elder care. Most are medical bills but bills for getting someone to help with senior home care are also difficult for many families to settle. Medications also cost a lot of money and many families that don’t have finances will find that they have elder care stress.
  3. Distance Between Family Members
    Children of baby boomers moved all across America looking for opportunities. This is why many will find that they have to fly home to deliver elderly care. Depending on the frequency of the trips, they may find themselves suffering caregiver burnout.
  4. The Kind Of Assets In The Family
    Most baby boomers accumulated some wealth and one of the typical family arguments that lead to stress among siblings. Some may want the assets disposed to fund elder care and others may want to hold on to the assets so that they can inherit them.
  5. Family Harmony
    It is a reality that many families do not agree with the way senior home care should be delivered. Siblings argue about what should be done and how it should be done and this leads to stress.

One of the things you can do to avoid burnout to plan with the elder loved one while they are still mentally alert and can make decisions. Call the family together with the elder loved one to discuss what they would like to be done as they continue to age. All of these things should be considered when determining what home care plan you put in place. Once this has been decided, the great weight and worry is replaced with assurance and peace of mind as you continue your journey together.

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