True Freedom and GoldenCare USA Partner to Provide Seniors with Innovative Home Care Solutions 

LARGO, FLORIDA (September 14th, 2020)—True Freedom announces our Preferred Marketer partnership with GoldenCare USA, an Integrity Marketing Group company.

True Freedom is the only company that provides nationwide home care plans for seniors as an alternative to traditional insurance.  GoldenCare and their western-states counterpart, American Independent Marketing, have been leading subject matter experts in long-term care for more than 40 years. By partnering together, they can now serve more Americans by providing unique options for long-term care.

“We are delighted to partner with GoldenCare and their Integrity platform partners,” said Bobby Gross, Co-Founder, and CEO of True Freedom. “The combined industry leadership of GoldenCare, Integrity Platform Partners and True Freedom is a powerful new force to better serve seniors with innovative planning solutions.”

“Doing what’s best for our clients is always what is most important for us as an organization,” said Lenny Anderson, President and CEO of GoldenCare. “By partnering with True Freedom, we can now offer an innovative solution that allows more Americans to live their senior years in ways that allow them increased comfort and security.”

True Freedom plays an essential role in GoldenCare’s perfect portfolio of solutions for agents and advisors when having longevity planning conversations with their clients. True Freedom Home Care Plans enable individuals to age in place, maintain their independence, and still get the help they need for everyday living—lessening the burden on family members.

“It is important for our clients to feel that they have choices for their future,” said Mike Lynch, General Manager, GoldenCare USA. “With True Freedom, we can now offer solutions that fit the needs of all seniors, no matter their personal circumstances—everyone deserves to feel confident that their needs will be met.”

“The long-term care landscape has changed and consumers deserve more options to choose from,” said Bob Doolan, Co-Founder and CFO of True Freedom.  “Americans are living longer lives and a one-size-fits-all option approach doesn’t provide adaptation for individual needs. The flexibility of care provided by True Freedom is needed more than ever before.”

Our partnership increases awareness and provides a significant advancement in bringing to light alternative planning solutions for the rapidly growing senior population. Having more choices in the marketplace helps seniors find and consider the most appropriate solution based on their health, budget, individual needs, concerns, and overall objectives.


About Integrity Marketing Group 

Integrity Marketing Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the leading independent distributor of life and health insurance products focused on serving Americans. Integrity develops exclusive products with insurance carrier partners and markets them through its distribution network, including other large insurance agencies throughout the country. Integrity’s over 6,000 employees work with 500,000+ independent agents who service over 11 million clients annually. In 2022, Integrity expects to help insurance carriers place over $20 billion in new premiums. For more information, visit


About True Freedom:

American Senior Services, Inc. (ASSI) is a service contract company that offers the most viable and dependable alternative to traditional long term care/home care insurance. True Freedom Plans feature no medical underwriting, and no age limits. ASSI is a trusted organization that successfully serves seniors in all 50 states through a commitment to integrity and financial responsibility. For more information, visit


About GoldenCare:

Established in 1974, GoldenCare (also known as National Independent Brokers, Inc.) is among the nation’s leading privately-held long-term care insurance brokerages and a recognized leader in the senior market. GoldenCare has been involved in the development of numerous long-term care policies and services tailored to meet to the unique needs of today’s Americans. They also specialize in other products such as Critical Care Insurance, Life/LTC Hybrid Insurance Plans, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Coverage, Life Insurance, Annuities and Identity Theft Protection. GoldenCare and its western counterpart, American Independent Marketing have a nationwide fleet of agents, operate in all 50 states, and have written over 1 billion in annualized premium. For more information, visit


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